First Rockets NFT Play2Earn

The NFT games are making a huge success on the internet lately. They are games made on the blockchain in an innovative virtual game model commonly called “play-to-earn” (play to win).

A blockchain is used to create a real economy within a virtual world and NFT is what makes a digital item unique to the world — with proven authenticity through information recorded on the blockchain.

In this article we gonna talk about CryptoRockets, check this out:


CryptoRockets is a Play to Earn NFT Game, that means you gonna earn tokens by playing it. The game’s graphical concept is still under development but we’re working hard and as fast as possible, like a ROCKET.


We have a team working at the game coding and other team working at the graphical concept.


You can check the YouTube video bellow so you can meet the called “Alpha Version” of the game which is still under development. It’s a preview about the game mechanics. The team is working hard in this project and things are being improved everyday.

Please consider that the video below doesn’t include the game graphical concept that is being produced by the game design team as showed above, the video below is just about the coding development itself.

New videos gonna be released soon, please stay connected to our Telegram channel and social medias.

If you’ve missed the opportunity in games like CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes, BombCrypto, Zodiacs because you didn’t knew about those games before they sky rocket you might consider to follow this project at the social networks (Discord, Telegram, Youtube, Twitter). Maybe you can catch the rocket this time before it launchs.

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